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Zaor Miza Jr


Zaor Miza Jr


First and foremost the MIZA Jr. is a compact desk for musicians and all professions that spend a large part of their working life sitting infront of a computer. Below the whole width of the tabletop is an extractable draw that offers room for keyboard and mouse, Pads and pens, drum machines and synthesisers or MIDI-controllers and DJ-mixers. Depending on the application, the height of the draw can be set up from as little as 5 cm to a comfortable 16 cm of useable space. This makes the desk attractive for theåÊcomputer programmer, graphic artist, the creative music producer or DJ.

Usually a work desk will have one or two screens. Screens will have bases of different shapes and heights and they take up valuable space and in the case of someone working with sound positioning speakers can represent formidable task to get a proper listening experience! Here, MIZA Jr. shines with a second level to accommodate the mounting stand of the screens. This section is height adjustable in steps of 16 mm down to 16 cm below the desktop with removable panels. The cover panels come in three segments so you can place one or two screens with the lower viewable edge at the edge of the table top.

The advantages are both acoustic and aesthetic pleasing allowing the user to hide cables, power supplies and USB-hubs below the surface leaving a clear work space. MIZA Jr is made from 18mm melamine faced chip board with wood edge (oak) and featuring a dual cross section at the base for optimum stability.

The layout is modern since the desk will fit even the smallest room: L x W x H = 125 cm x 70 cm x 77,6 cm.

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