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Zaor iDesk 19


Zaor iDesk 19


ZAOR iDesk is a unique workspace for musicians and producers that prefer theåÊstyle ofåÊa modern design with unobstructed lines and a great flow.

Using white and black gloss, and a no nonsense approach to functionality allows us to minimise clutter and keeps the essential elements in today's production environment. By using high quality, dual component lacquers, manual sanding andåÊ5 layer process we give you a stylish and robust finish.

ZAOR have developed this line with one goal in mind: create a bright, friendly environment that invites you to work during long hours without fatigue.

The central foot of the iDesk with an integrated cable channel is strong enough to carry the desk and the 19" rack units. Reinforced with solid wood in the right places, the design offers a unique combination of airiness and strength. An eye catcher indeed!

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