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Starlite HDe 5" 3G-SDI OLED Monitor with Lens Data Recorder


Starlite HDe 5" 3G-SDI OLED Monitor with Lens Data Recorder


StarliteHD-evolution adds the facility to record lenses metadata on a SD-card when connected to an intelligent lens as ARRI LDS, Cooke /i or ZEISS eXtended.

Captured directly from the lens with the camera timecode, the metadata save both time and money in post-production by offering technical information to the VFX department.


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Built-in tools
Built-in tools include a high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope and an histogram of the luminance, while an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 on to SD cards.
You can take some snapshots and generate pdf reports including camera and lenses metadatas (ARRI and SONY cameras carying metadatas through HD-SDI only).

Small and lightweight
With cameras reducing in size and portable systems becoming more and more compact, Transvideo has created a small 5” HD OLED monitor, about the size of a smartphone and weighting only 190 Grams (0.4lbs).

Intuitive interface
A new concept of human interface uses the power of the touch screen panel and rids the user of incomprehensible and endless tiered menus.

Manufacturing quality
The StarliteHD housing is extremely rugged, machined in aviation-grade aluminium
A wide range of accessories is planned, from battery support to detachable sun hood and more.

Digital Cinematography / Broadcast
High Speed Digital Camera
Handheld rigs & Steadicam™


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