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MP5 - Mic Pre with Tilt EQ


MP5 - Mic Pre with Tilt EQ

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Sporting a smart design and offering versatile tone, the Tonelux MP5A mic preamp is a worthy addition to any 500 Series rack. One of the most popular features onboard the discrete MP5A is its now-famous "Tilt" circuit, effectively a Baxandall boost/cut filter. Turn it one way to boost the highs and cut the lows, turn it the other way to boost the lows and cut the highs. However you use it, the "Tilt" circuit offers a uniquely useful shaping solution on the way in and may be all the EQ you need. Helpful metering and a smart gain system round out the Tonelux MP5A.

  • Adjust gain while keeping the tone you've dialed in
  • Popular "Tilt" circuit offers sweetening
  • Smart LED VU metering system keeps you informed
  • 48V phantom power and switchable front-panel DI

Adjust gain while keeping the tone you've dialed in
The Tonelux MP5A offers two knobs for gain adjustment, mic preamp gain and output gain that Tonelux dubs the "fader." That way, you can set the tone you like with the preamp gain, then keep the tone but scale it back when you go into your converters. Another helpful feature onboard the MP5A is that the gain control goes all the way down to zero, whereas most pres stop at 6dB. The extra 6dB of loss can be really useful when you're miking a snare and you're right at the edge of peaking, letting you dial it back rather than engage the pad which would change the tone you already dialed in.

Popular "Tilt" circuit offers sweetening
A special feature onboartd the MP5A is its "Tilt" circuit, an integrated Baxendall boost/cut filter. When you turn it to the right, you boost the highs and cut the lows, with the opposite effect when you turn it to the left. Most often studios set it right around 1:00, which would provide just enough to make the high end clearer while pulling out mud from the lows. While the "Tilt" circuit is fully bypassable, it's a very useful little knob you'll come to love.

Smart LED VU metering system keeps you informed
Where many 500 Series modules skimp on the metering front, the MP5A makes sure you stay in the know. The green/yellow section can display either the mic preamp gain or the output of the entire amplifier doing the gain. The peak LED, however, follows the mic preamplifier so you know what to dial back.

48V phantom power and switchable front-panel DI
In addition to rear-panel connectivity, the MP5A offers a combination XLR and 1/4" input on the front, with a hi-Z switch for use as a convenient DI. The 48V LED meter lets you know when there's 48V detected, whether it's engaged on the MP5A or coming in from somewhere else, for example the front of house board, in which case you'd want to kick on the 48V switch to preserve the full voltage. The Tonelux MP5A also features a 180-degree phase flip switch that affects the 1/4" jack as well as the front and rear mic pre jacks.

Tonelux MP5A features:

  • Discrete 500 Series microphone preamplifier
  • XLR/1/4" combination input on the front panel
  • Front-panel hi-Z switch for DI use
  • 20dB pad for both the mic and direct inputs
  • Polarity switch affects both inputs
  • Concentric mic gain and output preamp control
  • Bypassable "Tilt" circuit with Baxendall boost/cut filter
  • LED VU meter for preamp gain or output gain

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