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The EQUALUX is a DISCRETE Parametric Equalizer with some very unique features.  Notice that the panel has no Q control.  The filter Q control is in relation to the Boost and Cut control, and uses a "Constant Energy Curve" or known as "Proportional Q" that keeps the bandwidth wider at lower boost or cut levels and becomes narrow at higher boost or cut levels.  This is musically pleasing. 


With 4 bands of controls, each of the lower 2 have slightly different frequencies, allowing the lower band to go to 18 Hz, and the upper 2 bands are identical.  The IN button is a silent IN/OUT button that does not bypass the unit, but it bypasses the filters.  It also has the same feature as the MX and FX series modules, when in, the button pulsates showing signal presence.  Internally, this can be selected to read the signal at the EQ input, or post EQ at the output.

On the rear panel there is an "INPUT" XLR with a nominal level of +4 dBu and a 1/4" jack that has a -6dB pad for a nominal input level of +10 dBu.  The "OUTPUT" is an XLR with a nominal level of +4 dBu.


"The Equalux is a fine‑sounding equaliser, adding a subtle but pleasant coloration to the sound, thanks to the output transformer and discrete amp stages. It clearly follows closely in the footsteps of the EQ4P rack module, sharing the same sonic signature and feature set — although the addition of the LF shelf is a definite bonus. Choosing one version over the other is largely a matter of practicality and preference: modular systems are initially more expensive, but ultimately more versatile and space‑efficient; whereas rack mounting is more cost effective and potentially easier to use, since the panel space is significantly greater.

This is a high quality, high‑end processor with an excellent pedigree, and is certainly well worth auditioning if you are in the market for a very capable and versatile bus equaliser. " - Sound on Sound

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