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Not your everyday parametric EQ, The Tonelux EQ5P takes a nod in a historic direction with its "Proportional Q" approach, offering a pleasingly musical response with a curve identical to a number of classic EQs. When you need an EQ capable of surgery and one that's sweet but not overly so, the EQ5P does the trick, giving you four bands to pull out unwanted frequencies while retaining a natural, musical sound that's honest to the source. Arguably one of the most versatile 500 Series EQs available.

  • Flexible "Proportional Q" approach yields a classic sound
  • Overlapping frequency bands give you broad control
  • Top band offers shelving, bottom bands offer a fixed Q switch

Flexible "Proportional Q" approach yields a classic sound
Tonally, classic parametric EQs offered a bit more magic than most modern counterparts, thanks to their "Proportional Q" design. The Tonelux EQ5P draws on history, taking the same classic approach as its older brother the popular EQ4P. There are four parametric bands all with the "Proportional Q" effect available. Turn the boost all the way to one side and the Q becomes more narrow, just under an octave. If you turn it gradually from the center, you can go from a wide band of three octaves gradually down to that one octave. The broad-to-narrow nature keeps the EQ5P musical and also keeps you out of trouble by avoiding boosting too much in too narrow of a bandwidth.

Overlapping frequency bands give you broad control
The Tonelux EQ5P offers overlapping frequency bands, each one continuously variable so you can dial in on exactly what you want to boost or cut. Then, you have a +/-15dB boost or cut, with that "Proportional Q" effect. The top two bands are identical at 500Hz-21kHz. The EQ5P's third and fourth bands are nearly identical, with the bottom band going down a little lower at 50Hz-3kHz and 16Hz-1kHz respectively.

Top band offers shelving, bottom bands offer a fixed Q switch
On the bottom three bands of the Tonelux EQ5P, you can switch to a fixed Q of a 1/3 octave, letting you gradually notch something out if that's what you want. The top band offers a Shelving button that switches it into a shelving mode with a broad proportional Q effect. You can go from 500Hz on up to make things sound nice and bright. As the low frequency bands are broad, there's no need for a shelving switch there. Finally, the Tonelux EQ5P does offer an In/Out switch that, by demand, switches out only the filters, so you're still getting the benefit of the circuit.

Tonelux EQ5P features:
500 Series parametric EQ with 4 bands
Classic "Proportional Q" effect from three octaves to one
Switchable Fixed Q on bands 2-4 for 1/3 octave
Top two bands are 500Hz-21kHz
Third band is 50Hz-3kHz
Fourth band is 16Hz-1kHz
In/Out switch bypasses filters but goes through the circuit

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