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SADiE PCM-H16 Turnkey Solutions


SADiE PCM-H16 Turnkey Solutions



The PCM-H16 is a SADiE studio workstation based on the latest generation of DSP processing technology for use with the SADiE software environment.

The PCM-H16 can replay and edit 64 channels of 24bit 48kHz audio with real-time cross-fades and punch-ins, and offers similar DSP processing power to the PCM-H64 multi-track system.

Software Options

The PCM-H16 can be supplied with a choice of SADiE software packages tailored to specific applications. For further information about the software features, please see the SADiE software page.

In TV post-production studios, the powerful stem controls enable different versions to be track-layed and mixed within one EDL. It can also be supplied with integrated non-linear video record and replay, which uniquely amongst workstations, allows the video stream to be cut and edited in the same EDL alongside the audio.

Further suitable installations include surround mastering studios for music and DVD/HD soundtrack preparation, where the ability to edit and layer multiple 5.1 stems offers unmatched flexibility and creativity without the need to bounce or render any audio. Zero-latency support for DirectX and optionally VST plug-ins is provided.

Full support for console control is available, supporting desks such as the SSL AWS900, Yamaha, and Mackie HUI variants.

Hardware Options

At the heart of the PCM-H16 is a PCM series PCI DSP card with two 8 channel daughter cards. These each have a 44 pin D-sub connector to for connection to optional

19" rackmount Break-out Boxes (BoB800). As a turnkey system, this is supplied in a 4u rack PC with keyboard and mouse (no monitor). Specifications of the host PC change periodically and there are various PC related options for HDD size, CD burner, graphics cards etc. Please contact us for details. This is currently supplied with Windows® 7 software.

In addition to the PC related options, there are also SADiE specific hardware options:


  • 16 inputs & 16 outputs
  • up to 192kHz/24bit audio
  • one button PQ editing
  • AIFF, WAV, BWF file support
  • real-time architecture
  • professional plug-ins and DirectX support
  • segment-based automation
  • optional hardware control interface with moving fader mixing
  • multitrack editing
  • project management
  • background recording/backup
  • backup to AIT, DDS, DLT, DVD-RAM
  • 50 undo levels
  • sample accurate waveform editing
  • 19" rack mount hardware
  • fully supports AES-31 interchange
  • wide range of optional plug-ins

As with all SADiE systems, the PCM-H16 is a combination of software and hardware: the actual processing is done on a dedicated DSP card, not using the PC directly, and this gives a number of significant advantages:

No Latency: there is effectively no latency, which means that you can hear yourself back as you record, along with any other audio that is present; the latency issues present on non-professional systems simply aren't an issue with SADiE.

No rendering: which means you don't have to wait while the waveforms are re-drawn each time you change a level or a cross-fade, and level changes are instant for as many edits as you have.

No incompatibility issues associated with sound-cards: this provides a significant advantage over software only systems as you don't need to set up the sound-card of your PC/laptop; SADiE will not give you pops, clicks or crackles as a result and you can be assured that you won't come away from a recording feeling you could have got it better if only you'd set up various sound-card parameters, buffer sizes and the like, better - there is nothing to set up!

The ultimate Undo functionality: most audio editors make changes to the audio files which means you are committed to the change. However SADiE only makes a change to the EDL (the window you see on the screen comprising the edits & cross-fades). You can have as many EDLs within a particular SADiE project, each one either being a different version or completely separate (such as sound effects, voice-over and so on). You can then cut and paste between them, and this saves you a huge amount of time in your workflow as you can try out various versions of your work.

Edit while you record: with a SADiE system, you can begin to edit while the file is still recording! This gives you an enormous time advantage because you will have the audio edited as it is being ingested, for example a voice-over basically edited by the time the last word is spoken!

Professional CD burning: SADiE comes complete with a fully functional PQ editor for easily putting the markers on a CD. This is done directly in the Playlist and you simply hit burn to make the CD without 'bouncing' the audio first. If you don't like the final result after all, it's a simple task of just re-positioning the flag (with a mouse) and burning again.

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