CDA Pro AV Malaysia
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About Us

Our background is engineering, our joy is audio.
CDA Pro-Audio provide a range of products that will set you and your facility apart.

How important is the quality of the sound reproduction to you?
What does excellence look and sound like?

We are suppliers for those who are peerless in performance and electronic design.
Companies with a world-leading reputation for sound quality and where state-of-the-art is without compromise.

We believe your craft should not be limited by the deficiencies of the product. Purity and naturalness of sound are determined by precision and accuracy.

Here at CDA Pro-Audio, we have enjoyed long-term partnerships with some of the leading minds in the business. We are committed to providing a deeper understanding of audio by bringing together our customers with the manufacturing and design teams through educational workshops and seminars.

Find out why our well respected range of products are used by some of the most discerning artists and studios around the world.