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Measurement Microphones & Accessories

Professional measurement microphone complying with the IEC 61094 and IEC 61672 sound level meter standards.

The MicW Series can be calibrated: the majority of measurement microphones on the market lack the calibration capability due to their structure or diameter limitations.

The MicW Series is the best affordable measurement mic in Class 1 and 2 compared to the existing popular brands.

The MicW Series is with great environmental sensitivity stability:
The standards specify microphone sensitivity change with temperature, humidity, and static pressure shall be within ±0.03 dB/C, ±0.001 dB/%, and ±0.03 dB/kPa. Most of the measurement microphones on the market do not meet such specifications or are not tested for environmental conditions.

Technical Note - Free and Pressure and Random Field Microphones