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500 Series Modules

  The Joe Meek 500 series provides that sort after sound. The Joe Meek range includes the versatile MeQ Meequalizer, classic mic preamplifier the PreQ with built in De-esser and the MeC Optically controlled Compressor.
Studio Projects offers a range of 500 series modules solid in performance at an excellent price point. The range includes the SPM5 Mic Pre, the SPE5 Equaliser and SPC5 Compressor.
Tonelux are the true audio craft analogue processors offered in the 500 series format. The MP5A features the unique Tonelux "Tilt EQ" while the EQ5P comes standard with "Constant Energy Curve" EQ control. The TX5C Compressor feature concentric controls providing finer control in a small package.
The Trident Series 80B 500 Series EQ incorporates a classic four band equaliser which is identical to that employed in the Trident Series 80 console.
The Valley People Dyna-Mite is without doubt one of the best Expander/Gates ever designed. A true workhouse during the 70s and 80s that almost all the number one albums used Valley People processors. The Dyna-Mite is a must for any live rigs using 500 series as the front end.